sadie whitecoat (araenel) wrote,
sadie whitecoat

I got a new laptop on Craigslist, and it is pretty sweet. It was $125. It had Linux on it (Sabayon) and I was determined to try to learn how to use it... for all of about 6 hours. Then I couldn't figure out how to get it to recognize my wireless card, and all the how-to's I found on how to get the drivers were much gibberish to me.

So I guess I fail at Linux. Maybe I will attempt my adventures another day. But I broke down and installed Windows XP. Also the fact that I figured out how to even uninstall the Linux distro is pretty impressive to me. Don't laugh at me!

Also I met a boy from the internet today at a coffeeshop. I am not good with meeting people. I'm always awkward and weird. And also I drove on 490. OH MAN I forgot that I have tons of sushi leftover from today in my fridge. I am going to go eat it now. BYE.
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