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Yesterday I was completely overwhelmed. I am too sensitive, that's certain. But I don't imagine that I'm completely off my rocker. I don't misinterpret things that often. But then I feel like I'm despised by everyone, and I know that that is not true.

A woman that I worked with for 8 years passed away on Monday. I don't think she had much happiness in her last few years, but she never complained. She was a rare kind of person, one you don't see much of anymore.

Today I got rid of a closetfull of baseball cards (10 boxes)

pretty sure i got jipped
since the guy gave me $5

but I don't really care at this point, I am just trying to rid myself of junk

He said he would pay me $25 for my MarioKart for Super Nintendo. I am noooot too sure I want to sell that, but I am pretty desperate right now for money, so idk. I should have asked him how much he would pay for the system, but it belongs to my sister too, so I didn't (WHICH she sold our old regular Nintendo to buy it, without asking me, so I should have the right).

Maybe if I have enough money to afford to buy gas this weekend I will bring some boxes of things to the goodwill.

In other news the new beck album is the best one since Odelay, imho.
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